Civic Forum Radio is a partnership between Civic Forum and Oofy Radio. A civic awareness initiative to educate the general public on their civic obligations and responsibilities. The aim is to address trending and challenging social issues.

Our objective is to be the voice of social responsibility, accountability and progressive thinking.

As a non-political platform, our vision is to be the foremost Nigerian Civic Obligations radio as the voice and mind of the people for a progressive society.

Our mission is to create contents and drive awareness on Civic Obligations and Societal challenges towards helping correct and improve the overall well-being and living conditions of the Nigerian people, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, gender or political affiliations.

Meet The Team


Mr. Femi Onakaren is a Business Development Specialist with over 25 years of experience spanning several business sectors (Payment Systems, Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Business Consultancy, Strategy and Policy Development, and Management, to name a few.) He is the Founder of tagChief Application suite, Co-developer of StartRight Entrepreneur Training Program. A social commentator and a poet.

Mr. Onakaran is a passionate Nigerian, he writes in popular news media and contributes, as a well-regarded public policy analyst on public and policy issues on TV, Radio, and Print. His passion for a better Nigeria fuels his vision and drive for Civic Forum Radio.

A graduate of Engineering from the University Of Lagos, he brings his multilayered wealth of experience to bear in the realization of the aim and objectives of Civic Forum Radio.

As Director of Strategy, Policy, Business Development, and Operations of Civic Forum Radio, he supervises content creation, creativity management, organizational direction, and community engagement.


Mr. Akeem Bakare is a passionate civil right and grassroots political involvement for good governance advocate.

Over the years, he has established himself as a voice and force to be reckoned with in the civil discussions and public interest in his immediate and wilder community.

His wide-ranging experience in public administration and business management drives his success as an IATA-approved Travel and Tours Professional. Gaining a Production certificate at the famous FRCN (Federal Radio Corporation Of Nigeria) has helped him to realize the power and influence of Radio and Media Communications. 

He is the convener of the Civic Forum civic society NGO, an active participant in local and grassroots politics.


Mr. Alexander Akinyele aka DJ Enigma is a UK-based DJ/Producer, Recording Artist and Radio Presenter. He is the mastermind of Oofy Media UK, a media outlet that consists of Oofy Radio and Oofy Music Team, a platform that focuses on helping upcoming musical talents from any part of the globe maximize their potential and grow as artists. 

DJ Enigma is a concerned Nigerian Citizen like so many out there, who has for so many years stood on the other side of the fence criticizing and analyzing the state of affairs of our country Nigeria, but quickly realized that to effect change you have to be part of the process that brings about the change. 

A Computer Science graduate from the University of Benin. OCR (Oxford, Cambridge RSA) certified IT Skills specialist. Level 4 NVQ in Counseling Skills from Stonebridge College England. Radio presenter at Cando Fm 106.3 North West of England. 

With the role of Technical Director & Social Media Manager of Civic Forum Radio, he is in charge of making sure the internet radio station broadcasts smoothly 24/7 without any hitch. Manage all the Radio Station Social Media Platforms.



Miss Adaeze is a creative writer with a passion for promoting civic awareness, social rights and advocacy on gender and the socially vulnerable.

She is an undergradute of Cooperative Economics & Management at the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri.

She is a podcast broadcaster (PenPods), a member of the Yali network Lagos hub, a student member of the National Association of Cooperation students, and a volunteer of WARIF. She is involved and active in several civic empowerment and awareness programs.